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bored today, so did my grille tnaks for the tips!! :)


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so i was bored today and didnt happen to be working on a customers car, so deicded to do my grille.


after reading the guides and various peoples grilles, i figure it was pretty easy based on my past experiene with grilles.


hack the badge and stuff off, sanded it down, fill it in the voids with bondoglass, sanded smooth :)


one thing i was always concerned with with anyting painted on the front end was that the paint will chip over time, so i needed something very durable. for hte bottom and top part of the grille...so..i decied to go wtih quite a few coats of spray on bedliner, something ih av used to coat metal bumpers in the past and worked out well...


so...4 coats of spray on liner it went...


the mesh is held on by a combination of wire tires, hot glue and sound dampening :)


here is the result :) i like it a lot...


thanks again for all the posts on here :)


my steroe install has started :) alrady did tons of sound ampening on the doors and rear floor area :D







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