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Buying a 03 / 02 Outback H6

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Ok.....I am looking into buying a 02 / 03 Outback L.L. Bean edition H6. This vehicle is being purchased to keep the miles down on the LGT. And hopefully a convert the wifey;)


Sold the Roush this weekend:(....no toys for a while:icon_sad:


I really need some opinions / Tips on things to look for in particular on the years in question.

Either year will have less than 50k on them....**New.... is not an option** as I want to keep this "Commuter" under 16k .


I do not want the N.A. 2.5 motor ...I am only interested in the 3.0.

Main reason the "Outback" is my focus is twofold....

#1 Like the look.....size.....Height

#2 Getting one hoping the wifey will "see the light" & get away from the SUV....


Remember this is not the wifeys car...it is mine......commuting car:)



Toyota 6EATS .........SUCK!!!!!!
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Have choice of 2 03's both just under 50k....can get either in the target price range..All of the Outbacks (look) to be in great condition...Just need the mechanical / Electrical weaknesses;)
Toyota 6EATS .........SUCK!!!!!!
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i had a 2001 L.L. beaner wagon. h-6


i only got rid of it because i bought a 04 wrx and i didn't need a station wagon.


the h-6 is reputed to be "bulletproof".


decent ride and it feels more connected to the ground than the current legacy's.


engine will do 90 mph all day without complaint.


the tranny had a fix for shifting through it's electronic module thingy. any dealer can do it. it was a subaru recall.


could use some stiffer swaybars. (my preference)


good paint on the car except the side rocker cladding. the paint is a little thin there and can be scuffed off with a shoe heal.


it was a good car

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I bought my wife a 03 H6 Green bean edition, she loves it. The all wheel drive makes her feel a little more secure. we've got 63,000 on it now, havent' had any complaints, although I'm currently trying to find out what is making a whiny sound in reverse, it's not gears but sounds like a power steering pump sound. Any how, I like it too. The H6 is a little sluggish at first, but when it gets around 4k rpm hold on. I smoked a Honda a couple months ago that had a couple teenagers in it who made the move at a red light. They hung with until I hit that power band then.....See Ya!!!

They were all smiles and thumbs up at the next light. The fun part was I waved bye bye at that 4k mark, Made my day.

One thing I've noticed is they don't seem to make aftermarket performance products for the H6, I can't even find an intake for it. I was hoping to help it breath a little better, but maybe you shouldn't mess with perfection!

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