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Painting Exhaust...


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Well i've been fighting the temptation to buy the Fujitsubo catback this entire week (gotta get my up pipe and catted down first so I can go stg. 2).


Thinking ahead, I'd like to paint the exhaust minus the tips a flat black to blend in with rest of the hardware underneath. I'd like to know what is involved (preperation, how-to kind of thing) in painting the exhaust (mainly the mufflers, as you really can't see any thing else). Also, how long does it usually last, I would assume a good bit since the muffler is so far from the heat of the header/turbo and such.


Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated.





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i used that on my 98 explorer when i had dual cat back flowmasters installed in it. sprayed the muffler and entire piping system (except tips) and it turned out pretty clean.



edit:: the paint lasted 3 years thus far. sold the explorer when i got the leggy so haven't checked up on it recently.

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