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SOLD - FREE Seattle area: undercover/splash guards

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Free in perfect conditions! Need space in my garage. These are OEM parts in excelent conditions with little use on my car. You just need washing them and they'll look like new.

Legacy and Outback gen 3 (2005-2009) came with an under-engine cover that also acts as wheel well splash guards, closing the gap to the engine in the front of the front tires. Many have lost it, or it is damaged. Others just removed it as it makes changing oil and keeping an eye on the engine harder. That part is huge so cost prohibitive to ship and very expensive from local dealer.

There is an alternative solution from Subaru, partial covers that close the gaps but do not cover under the engine. It is listed for H4 but I have an H6 and it fits perfectly.

They can also be used with a real skid plate like Primitive one to close the gap in the wheel well liners and protect the engine from mud from the tires.

The part numbers are:


That is what I have. 

Local pickup preferred. I may ship if no local takers (you pay for shipping and packing). They are large but not as large as the big shield.


Not included are the clips and bolts. If you no longer have them, you may need to purchase clips and bolts. For your convenience here are the part numbers:
4x undercover clips CLIP-BUMPER 909140007
2x undercover bolt FLANGE BOLT 901000263


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Dibs if it comes down to shipping.

I have a primitive undertray. Yes all of this went in the bin when the stock undertray went limp.

Be nice to keep the road shmoo off the first AF sensor. Amongst other things.

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