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JDM Big Port T20 SPEC C SAVCS heads vs 32BIT ECU 3 wire cam sensors.

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Has anyone here tried getting the T20 JDM SPEC C big port SAVCS heads working on a non HAL cam sensor USDM car?  (Basically a LGT 2005+)   Supposedly you have to notch and retap the heads to make this work but I have yet to see anyone post any meaningful info on this process.  The other possible way was to use an outdated adapter that may or may not work and Cosworth does not even make anymore. 

Also there is a NA version of the big port head as well.  Can you use the NA head on a turbo car?   Maybe just as easy as chamber matching?


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On 4/3/2024 at 11:30 PM, rhino6303 said:


I think this solution would work best.

That's pretty cool as I haven't seen those yet!   I finally found more info on NASIOC that shows what the issue is and what it means to "notch" the heads.   The RCM conversion cams now make sense too.  (As they are plug and play with a larger usdm sensor o-ring)  Took me forever to find a good example of someone who had done it but I fully understand it now:  


Starts at the bottom of 28, 29 and a few pages at the end.     The overall build that guy did is amazing.

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