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Cruise control not working

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Ok, so yes, my cruise control isnt working on my 98' Legacy OBW, so it has the EJ25D. And after everything Ive researched, I just thought it was just some steering wheel issue. So I didnt worry about it. But today I was trying to clean my iacv (car was still too warm so I started looking at some other things around the bay to make sure it was all good) and I noticed my cruise control (module?). We'll just refer to it as the CCM for now. It has a cable connected to the throttle body, right? So I followed the cable to the CCM, and then connected to the CCM is some metal tubing? At the end of the metal tube, theres...nothing??? (Shown in first pic)

And then I noticed that there also seems to be another valve or something that doesnt have anything connected to it either. (Shown in second pic) Is there supposed to be something connecting the two and thats why my cruise control isnt working???

Yellow represents the cable/tubing

Red is just the Cruise control module. 

Any insight or thoughts are very much appreciated. 



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So I found a pic of a legacy engine bay and there IS a vacuum line or SOMETHING thats conmected to the end of that metal tubing. Does anyone know what that is??? Do I just need some tubing to pop on there? Or is there some sort of hydraulic fluid or something that goes there too?


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25 minutes ago, silverton said:

no fluids.  just get some vacuum line that has a secure fit and send it.

That simple, eh? Who woulda thought lol

Thanks man 🙏

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1 hour ago, silverton said:

it's difficult to say WHY the line is missing, but I suppose you'll find out!

Yeah, Im not sure why its missing either. But Ive got the line in and cruise control works like a dream! 

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