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2016 Outback with 39,000 miles

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Yea I could not believe it either.  I'm in the market for another Sube.  I love my legacy and I'm looking to trade her in with 173,000 fishing miles on her.   

I'm looking for something bigger n different.  This sounds to good to be true lol.  

This is the same dealership i got my legacy from.  

Does anyone here know of any questions I should ask about the car or things to look for?

This dealership has always treated me well.  The outback was bought there in 2016.  Heck the salesman sold it to the only owner it's had.  I'm gonna see it on Saturday.   

Thank you again folks,


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Not sure how much your are into Tech/features, but some of the 2019 MY of the Outback have CarPlay and you can option the 3.6 flat 6 (last year the Outback could have the 3.6). I had a 2016 premium before my spouse traded it for her Ascent. I liked it. Did a 2" lift which was neat. Wobbled at 16 mph but I thought it was funny. 

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