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Leaking like a sieve from underneath ej254 motor

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I have a bh9 Subaru Lancaster with just under 211,165km on the clock and for the past 2 weeks has been burning oil at quite a alarming rate. It was at the full line 3 weeks ago and is now nearly at low. I have done about 290km in 3 weeks and don't know what could be causing it. There is oil at the back of the oil sump and on cross member join on the underside of my ej254 motor. Have attached a couple of photos for reference. I'm poor but I'm pretty good with Subaru motors. 





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Seems like you are leaking the oil rather than burning it.  Nearly a quart in 200 miles would make a huge cloud of smoke.  Nearly a quart in 3 weeks would make a good size puddle on the ground.

Looks like your oil sump is dry-ish and your trans sump is soaked.  From way over here through the net I would guess that your rear crankshaft seal is done.

You'll want to find a copy of the Factory Service Manual.  Find the section about the rear main seal.  First we just want to get the cover off the trans to inspect the torque converter bolts area and see if it is soaked inside there.

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