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96 Legacy wagon GT-B steering racking?

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So it seems I have a small leak coming from the steering gear box. Sorry if this seems a little stupid but the center diff is in the transmission and and rear diff is exposed correct? Every where I read says make sure the gear ratios are the same. (Mine being 4.4441 or something to thay effect) does this affect the steering rack or are these pretty interchangeable? Having a hard time placing a wagon rack however I can get a boat load of impreza ones.

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The 'steering gear box' (aka steering rack, steering gear, rack & pinion) is completely unrelated to your drive train where the differentials are.

I dont know that an impreza rack will necessarily work in your legacy, but I do know people swap in STi racks so they all must be mostly the same as far as mounting, most likely difference is going to be the inner tie rod length for track width and how many turns lock to lock.  Legacy's generally have what I'd call 'lazy' racks; so it takes more turns to go lock to lock which makes cruising on the freeway nice, STi racks have a faster ratio and would be much more 'twitchy'

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