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06 LL Bean - vibration when braking

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My car is a 06 LL Bean, H6, Automatic 113K miles. It's been very smooth and silky since I bought it over a year ago with 91K miles. It still has original CV shafts.
Brake systerm has been flushed by the previous owner. (Fluid is still VERY clean)
I have repalced brake pads and rotors about 6 months ago.

I recently began to experience vibration when I brake. I first thought it maybe warped rotors. but what puzzles me is that the vibration/ pulsation only happens at highway speed. (50mph) I've paid close attention and tried more than a few times on deserted highway at 50+ mph. and its very noticeable. but as the car slows down, the vibration gets lighter and mostly not even noticeable under 40mph.

Any of you have any idea what could cause this issue?

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Check the ball joints. I had a bad joint and experienced similar symptoms to those you describe: bad front wheel vibration when decelerating (lifting or braking) from higher speeds.

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