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Looking for a great all season tire? Try Pirelli P7


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First off, my LGT is my daily driver, and my suspension and wheels are oem. The rest of my LGT wagon is a mild stage 1: STI exhaust, Accessport  V1, and a K&N filter in the stock air box. So this post is directed at people who run year round, and are driving a car with stock suspension.

I drive on I-25, from Colorado Springs to south Denver (140 miles round trip) four days a week. I’ve purchased Michelins for years, but about a year and a half ago I bought these Pirelli P7 all season tires in the oem size for my LGT wagon. I love them! I drive over a pass that’s notorious for having completely different weather on each side, and elevation changes of over 2000 ft. My commute can start in sunny weather and end up in rain, snow or whatever the season can deliver. I’m sure all-wheel drive helps in crappy conditions, but I can tell they are better than the Michelins I’ve had. I’ve put about 40,000 (highway) miles on them in 18 months, and they still have 9/32” tread depth. 
They’re not loud, handle great (for an all-season tire) and have long tread life.


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