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P0014 P0017 error codes rough idle

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Hi there,

I have a 2011 Legacy 2.5GT. Car has 135000km and is a manual transmission. Bought the car about 6000k ago. Car ran fine and did an oil change 1000k back with the recommended 5w30 full synthetic. Been running 91 octane gas as well. Oil level looks good too.

About a week back, car showed a P0014, P0017, P0301 and P0303 error code. Car seems to run fine except at idle where it feels rough and gas mileage has almost doubled since the codes.

Seen threads for the OCVs, coil packs and also a suggestion that the timing belt may have slipped a tooth or more.

Was hoping to see if anyone else has experienced this and could point to where to begin.

On a sidenote, been a Honda guy most my life and this is my first Subaru and I absolutely love the car. 

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Was the timing belt and tensioner replaced?

Most likely it jumped timing from someone not doing the timing belt or leaving guides/off or misadjusted if they did the timing belt.  It could also be that someone pulled the motor and did not fully seat the OCV valve connectors. 

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