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Loose Struts

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Been feeling too much road for a while. Was delaying the inevitable trip to the mechanic. Finally dropped it off yesterday. Picked it up today. The ride is vastly improved. Better than ever. No charge. Loose struts, he said. How loose? 80% loose. Could've been bad. I'm the second owner. Not sure if they're original or not. I've had the car a little over two years. Previous owner's records are not complete and haven't checked yet. If original, just loose over time? It's a 2009, ~120 miles. If not original, not torqued to spec when redone? Any ideas? Maybe it's just entropy. I guess we all get a little loose over time...

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16 minutes ago, silverton said:

Nah those bolts dont just end up being loose.  Glad you were smart enough to get that looked at before any one died.  Front suspension falling apart at speed would be ungood.

Not sure I was so smart...I knew it needed attention long before I took it in. Pretty solidly dumb actually. Any idea how they ended up loose? I don't have any enemies I'm aware of...

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On 12/9/2023 at 12:49 PM, silverton said:

If you were not smart you would have just rode it out ;) LOL

Some work was probably done on the front end of the vehicle and person doing the work was not good.

Perhaps the alignment guy was looking to introduce OP to those new bluetooth camber bolts?

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