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Hey, I have a 21 Subaru Legacy and I currently have it on coilovers but I now have to drive my grandma around and she has a hard time getting up and down so a low car is a bit of a problem. Does anyone know of anyone who makes air suspension for the 2021 legacy? Or what would happen if I tried to put WRX air suspension on it?

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My first thought was, "WRX has air suspension? Kewl!". Honestly, I wouldn't think about retrofitting it on the Legacy - the system was not designed for our cars, and too many things can fail even if you so ehow were able to get the install to work. I wouldn't mess with Legacy's suspension at all - it is a very good suspension setup that soaks up bumps and compares favorably with my '18 Q7 with air suspension. If granny needs a higher vehicle, consider borrowing an SUV with floorboards. 

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