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Question for those that have installed forged rods

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I'm building my second EJ25 that I purchased from a guy who ran it out of oil. It damaged the crank and rods. New OEM rods are $400, so I ordered Scat forged rods and Nippon Racing pistons from Swap Shop Racing. The rods ended up being $80 less than OEM rods. I also ordered a stock Subaru crankshaft.  When I weighed the old vs new pistons and rods, the new are 3.5 oz lighter than OEM. When I built the first EJ25 I used just the Nippon Racing pistons with stock rods. The pistons are 1 oz lighter than stock and I had no balance problems or vibrations. Has anyone installed forged rods and pistons that are lighter than stock without having the crankshaft rebalanced? I have received conflicting info, yes it needs to be balanced, no it doesn't because of the opposed design. Looking for someone that has actually done it. 


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