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Help identifying connector behind clutch pedal + cut wire on steering column

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Hey all!

Been doing some electrical work on my car, trying to fix the absolute mess the previous owner did, and I came upon this unplugged harness:


From what I can see in the service manual, this is connector B96 - Daytime Running Light Module.

Just to be 100% correct, can anyone confirm?

There's also this cut wire under the steering column:


I can't seem to find what connector this is on the service manual. Any idea?

Car is a 2005 LGT MT.

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I see. I currently have an issue that the left turn signal turns on solid   when I turn the headlights on, and blinks fast while they are on.

If the headlights are off, it works normally. I suspect a grounding issue tbh, but I'm wondering if the DRL could have anything to do.

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I had a bunch of exterior lighting issues on my '07 with similar wiring hackery. That small plug under the steering column is for the park light switch. I can't remember what the idea behind that modification is but it actually wasn't the main cause of my lighting issues. 

There's a bundle of wires tucked into the left front fender above the wheel well liner. In there is a solder joint that breaks down over time that I had to fix. Unfortunately, I don't remember what color that wire is.

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