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Coolant Leak (Not Sure)

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I have a 05 lgt wagon, and have got a bottle of new coolant. Subaru coolant to be exact. I drove the car around and it had a bunch of white smoke one time. That indicated a coolant leak I thought. I heard a sipping or sucking noise from the turbo resivour and replaced the cap, and burped the system. The coolant issue seemed to get better as the car ran slightly cooler and I could no longer smell anything. I left the car to sit for about a week as I got busy with other things, go back to check on the levels, and find it at the low line. I left it at the Full line, or even more by accident. No leaks can be seen underneath the car, and not sure what else to do. Had the head gaskets replaced a while ago, has an aftermarket radiatior, and just had the intercooler taken off anf reinstalled by Six Star motors to replace a vacuum leak. All of the work on this car has been done by Six Star motors, or Firestone up until I started troubleshooting some of this myself, like replacing the cap, and refilling coolant. I also put the Subaru conditioner in there, even though some said it can be argued I do not need it. 

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