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Good Subaru Mechanic Boston area

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’m looking for a great Subaru mechanic in the Boston area capable of a rebuild if needed. I used to go to Dentsport Garage, but they don’t seem to be around anymore. I fear I’ve spun a rod bearing. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I think Max is pointing out that someone commented in that thread there is a shop in Sterling, MA. Enhanced Street Performance

Depending on "Boston area", you have 3 options I know off the top of my head and I am listing them based on distance from Downtown Boston. I know some have traveled further to a specific person.

  • If you are north of Boston, there is Wicked Performance Group, I think they were called Wicked Innovations before but I may be incorrect. They in Manchester, NH about 1hr north of DT (Downtown) Boston without traffic.
  • If you more towards Worcester county then ESP in Sterling, is what has been recommended in that other thread. They also about an hour from DT Boston.
  • If you are South of Boston, then it would be Wicked Matt, he is in Exeter, RI. About 1.5hrs from DT Boston.

I known other owners who have gotten worked done by Wicked Matt or Wicked Performance Group. None have complained.

From my experience, Wicket Matt is a complete tuner gear head, I have had him do some work on my car when my clutch fork gave away and he was super communicative, responded quickly by emails and explained things he found including shooting me over a video of the issue he saw.

There was a saying when I used to roll around with the import kids, most subbies were probably tuned by Wicked Matt in the NE area.

This is not to discount the other 2 shops as I do have a personal friend who had work done by Wicked Perfomance, brand new engine and they rebuild his tranny with all spur gears, and Wicked Matt tuned it 😄.

I know I also been thinking of getting more work done but this is my dd without trying to take over the wife's car.

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