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battery strong, gauges display, no start

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2012 Legacy 2.5, std shift. No prior symptom; just didn't start. Strong battery,gauges displayed ok, audio warngs fine'. When turn key, 1/2 second click heard near alternator, but Not near starter. Using multi-tester, pwr fine to starter solenoid, then bypassed, 12 v to starter too! ? After too much incorrect 'helpful' info on youtube, trusted intuition. Starter & solenoids rarely fail w/o prior symptom. I had disconnected and re-cnnctd the spade'd end, ignition wire to solenoid. Nothing, then scratched(cleaned) contact inside female spade. Started once!, scratched more, then applied with electrnc cleaner, dried. Nothing. Recnnctd, this time turning spade 180 degrees. Bingo! Has started 30x w/o fail. 

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How many miles on your car?

This has happened to both of my cars. The issue was the starter brushes were worn out. 20$ later and my time, it was fixed. I realize your car is a newer gen, but still. Here is the thread. I have yet to add text to it 🙄

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