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Safetied 2000 Subaru Legacy e-tune CLEAN TITLE. ONLY 133,702kms!!!

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Im in Canada, and im sure the car market is similar everywhere else, but the market here is absolutely awful. Base model civics with 250xxx kms r going for like 9k and they not even saftied lol. Anyways, I was able to find the subaru listed in the title. Never rlly been too big into subies, but Ive always loved their wagons. Especially the legacy. This one is owned by a guy who used to be a subaru mechanic for 4 years, very well maintained, only 130xxx kms , manual, and hes selling it for 6.3k cad to me if I go through with it. My main question is how reliable could this car be for me? could I expect another 50-70 thousand kms with proper maintenance done ofc, without many major problems? Idk how long these twin turbo legacy engines can realistically last? like obviously its very dependent, but could I rely on it as a "daily" (I need to daily it for the next 2 months then itll be kind of a 1-3 times a week driver)? Also owner has changed timing belt, spark plugs, and all 4 brakes! I heard timing belts were a good thing to have replaced for these.




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