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I like to know the name of the part

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I think that may not be the correct part identification for a 2016 Legacy 2.5.


Edit:  Per the H4 (FB25) FSM, the part in question is the oil temperature sensor, not the coolant temperature sensor. It's mounted right next to the oil pressure switch, and both share the same oil gallery just downstream of the oil filter. (N.B. There is no coolant in the timing cover.)

That said, I don't know whether or not the same part number is correct for both oil and coolant temp sensors. The temperature ranges are similar, but the chemical and pressure environments are quite different.

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6 hours ago, ammcinnis said:

I think that may not be the correct part for a 2016 Legacy 2.5.

Yeah it is not the correct part. But I like to say, i dint know these is a way to expand the diagram to get the part name and the number. When silverton sent me the link, it made my search easy to find the right part. Unfortunately OEM is currently not avalable at my nearest dealers.  Found the same on Rockauto for cheap. Noting wrong with the part now, but both the switch and sensor is very rusty, so replacing it before it get bad. Will order it today. Thank, I appreciate it. 



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