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DIY: EDM 2DIN faceplate and LHD HVAC install

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Original instigator is 'finsta' who did this conversion first, and his post about this panel started the whole thing. Can be found here:


Now to our business.

This thread describes retrofitting aftermarket EDM 2DIN faceplate with EDM HVAC controls.

Very similar to JDM OEM 2DIN faceplate with some key differences:
- the HVAC controls are LHD as opposed to RHD with JDM setup;
- EDM 2DIN faceplate is one piece where JDM 2DIN is made from 2 pieces - HVAC and 2DIN panel.


As result, EDM 2DIN panel does not have that gap between HVAC and 2DIN panels present in JDM 2DIN setup, and the HVAC controls are in usual locations for USDM cars.

The EDM panel is designed to accept EDM HVAC control module and buttons that can be separated from 2 EDM radio models you can buy from Europe. Models are listed below.

EDM 2DIN panel link here: https://www.legacygt.com/topic/138683-fs-ri-2005-2009-edm-2din-front-panels-bnib/?do=getNewComment

Subaru EDM radio models that have separate HVAC modules: 86201AG460 and 86271AG110.

This assumes you obtained both EDM 2DIN LHD panel and Subaru OEM EDM radio of one of two models listed above.

The bulk of work is to take the EDM radio apart to extract EDM HVAC control module and front buttons for later transfer to EDM panel.

1. Here the EDM radio 86201AG460:




2. This is the HVAC module we are after - very much as JDM one, just LHD.



3. Start by removing the side metal brackets.


4. Remove the 2 screws holding the back of HVAC and remove the back of HVAC module.





5. Remove 4 small screws holding the CD unit to the front panel bracket, 2 on each side. You'll have to carefully prod the metal tabs and then the CD unit gets separated easily.



6. Remove the metal bracket from the back of the faceplate.



7. Now that we have both boards exposed, we can get the HVAC control board out. Remove 5 small screws. Save the screws - we'll reuse them to secure the HVAC control board to EDM 2DIN panel during transfer.


8. After the HVAC control board is out, you can remove the contact membrane(grey rubber band), silver ornament rings and control buttons.
Gently tap out the buttons, do not use force- there are plastic tabs you can slightly bend to push the buttons out. They do come out easy.
You can transfer the buttons right away.
Suggestion- transfer buttons one by one to make sure you do not mix them up.
SUGGESTION: be careful not to loose small white plastic pushers from fan control rocker button - they are very small.


9. Once you have the buttons, contact membrane and chrome ornament rings for HVAC out, it is time to remove the VFD filter. You'll have to remove the audio control board. Once that board is out you can remove the VFD filter.
To make it easier, I warmed the whole front panel using hot air blowing from our pellet stove - any source will help.
BE CAREFUL pushing the panel out, patience pays here. Warm it up, grab one of the upper corners, bend the tabs on the inside of that corner just a little bit and push genthly. Then do the other corner, and the whole VFD filter will come out.
You can transfer it to EDM 2DIN right away.


You can see two small strips of adhesive that hold VFH filter to the faceplate:




10. Similar approach with "TEMP" stickers from EDM radio - warm the area with hot air, tap the stickers from inside with small screwdriver, transfer right way to EDM 2DIN. Again, patience pays here.


11. At this point you should have EDM 2DIN panel with all buttons, VFD filter and TEMP stickers transferred to it. Assemble in the reverse order - rubber contacts membrane, chrome ornament rings, HVAC control board, HVAC module back cover.




12. Take the brackets from EDM radio and attach them back to HVAC module on EDM 2DIN.




Now you are ready to mount your fancy 2DIN radio, and have proper LHD HVAC controls.



Side by side of JDM RHD and EDM LHD panels:






Everything about wiring changes, adapters etc is exactly the same as with JDM RHD 2DIN panel install.

Some photos of finished panel in my car, before and after the conversion.

Start with USDM AUX radio (07+):



First verify the setup is actually working, HVAC worked right away, but I had to fix power connector to Pioneer HU:


Dimming works as expected:


End with EDM 2DIN setup, no gaps, HVAC controls where they are supposed to be on LHD car:



That's it!

Edited by SubOperator
Blamed finsta for the whole thing
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2005 LGT Wagon Limited 6 MT RBP Stage 2 - 248K

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  • SubOperator changed the title to DIY: EDM 2DIN faceplate and LHD HVAC install

This has generated some interest so I will add here about possible caveats and troubles to avoid:

No any special difficulties beyond usual precautions when working with interior plastic parts - trying not to scratch the faceplate, lay it on something soft etc. Put all small parts somewhere they can't be lost etc. The step with rocker button for fan control I already mentioned - two small pusher are easy to loose if you flip the donor faceplate so be careful with that.

As for heat, just little bit of warming up of the area around the VFH screen is needed  to loosen the adhesive. Same for TEMP stickers. I held the panel about a foot away from the stove for may be 20 seconds top, that was enough. 

Do not bend any plastic tabs too much, do not use excessive force on parts etc.

The silver rings are probably shaped to only fit in their proper locations but to be sure I laid them down on the proper side between removal and installation.

That's pretty much it. Of course you may want to check that the donor HVAC module is working to begin with before doing the whole thing.

Hope this helps!

2005 LGT Wagon Limited 6 MT RBP Stage 2 - 248K

2007 B9 Tribeca Limited DGM - 258K

SOLD - 2005 OB Limited 5 MT Silver - 245K

SOLD - 2010 OB 6 MT Silver - 205K

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23 hours ago, Enlight said:

Is it possible the orientation of the VFD filter can affect the light appearance? I remember swapping the VFD filter for my install but it is still dim.

Uhm, I do not know. The LCD have filters that invert the image (black/white) when you turn the filter over, but these are not LCDs.

I can take a picture of mine if you want.

2005 LGT Wagon Limited 6 MT RBP Stage 2 - 248K

2007 B9 Tribeca Limited DGM - 258K

SOLD - 2005 OB Limited 5 MT Silver - 245K

SOLD - 2010 OB 6 MT Silver - 205K

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