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Code p0753


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08 legacy 2.5i limited automatic replaced the transmission oil and didn’t not correct problem car is currently in limp mode hoping someone has info on where to get the shift solenoid A called all local parts store and dealership can’t even get a part number from the dealer 


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Might need to run the ol girl to a transmission shop. Between the shift solenoid and the incorrect gear ratio codes, your transmission is one foot out the door. Much like engine oil, transmission fluid does have a life span, it doesn't get dirty like engine oil so it's a much longer interval. 

I figure you replaced the fluid as symptoms were starting to appear? It's akin to putting fresh oil in an engine with rod knock. It can help, but the problem still needs to be addressed.

The 4eat in my 2001 made it about 212k miles before failing with unknown service history

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