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WTB Spec.B 2nd gear ( 32251AA910 )


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14 hours ago, cheeseenlo said:

If no one here has one available, I would try Andrewtech or Rallispec. Most likely not new but it doesn't hurt to ask them what they have available. 

The car is at Andrewtech right now, they can't find it or source one beyond an entire PPG set. The part from subaru is on eternal backorder. 

Supposedly they contacted Rallispec as well, but I will contact them once they open today. 

I appreciate the response! Be safe

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Good luck! I recently got my 6-speed swap done and it’s awesome. All gears including the R180 ring and pinion were REM treated, STI helical front LSD added and all upgraded syncros from the PO. I’m trying to find ways to drive the car more these days. 

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