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2011 2.5i Premium Issues

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First and only owner.  I've been religious about maintenance the entire time I've had it.  Up until this year, other than a recurrent headlamp failure, it's never had an issue.  Three months ago, the head gasket failed and had to replaced, along with all of the other parts to that servicing.  Since then, it's been acting strangely.  The first thing that I noticed was that I was feeling slipping in the throttle when I was driving.  It was usually happening on new pavement, so at first I assumed it was just oil spots but I've since noticed that the tachometer wavers a bit while I'm driving.  Not much, maybe 5 - 10 RPM (estimation) and not most of the time but after the issue with the head gasket I'm not willing to risk it.  I took it in and they found no obvious issues, the fuel pressure was in spec (41) and while driving it there were no codes or error lights that came on.  Finally, while driving today I've noticed at the A/C fan speed is stuttering.  I don't know if these issues are related or if it's just that the car is reaching EOL.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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