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Rockford Fosgate upgrade on base model with tweeters: which sound-profile jumper to select?

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As you may know (p. 13 of the attached document), the amplifier harness in the RF kit has selectable in-line  jumper connectors for choosing what they call the sound profile depending on the trim level. For the Legacy line, there are two choices: one connector (color-coded blue) for base model and another (green label) for Sport and Premium. Higher trim levels come with Harman Kardon to which the RF upgrade does not apply. I have a base model but with tweeters installed, so now it has the same 6 speakers as Sport and Premium. Should I select the Sport/Premium sound profile? Looks like I should, unless maybe there's a substantial difference in performance between the audio units, which I doubt. The part numbers for door speakers and tweeters are all the same between the trim levels, excepting the HK option. Any thoughts on this?


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On 8/13/2022 at 9:39 AM, silverton said:

If you now have the sport/premium speaker set up, that's likely the profile you should use.

Thanks, this is what I am inclined to do. I forgot to mention another source of confusion, namely the statement in the accessory catalog that "Tweeter kit required for Base model".  That would actually make the "base" sound profile irrelevant. Somehow, 2022 catalog does not even mention the RF upgrade for Legacy/Outback, but that's another matter.

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