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These Videos are loud - you have been warned! lol Shes @145,000 miles

Hello folks, and once again I need to tap into the mass amount of common sense! So, here around the Great Lakes Region it’s been hot and I understand not as hot as other places. I don’t know if my hyper awareness is causing me to notice this or it’s always been there and like a nervous parent, I am now just noticing it. These videos are loud, and you have been warned. I’m going to be going to Maine here in a few weeks and my Soob is running the same as day one when I gave it a forever home in 2020. She travels all over the region with no issues.

This is cold start, and I will take another video when I get back from my afternoon errands.

@ 1:30 that’s me revving the engine

@ 1:20 I turn on the AC

@1:30 ish I turn off the AC

I am most likely being paranoid, but with my 2600-mile round trip coming up soon I just want a different point of view.

Thank you, folks!



Close up and Loud Video of Engine 

Warning Loud Cold Start Engine Video

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