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Hey guys

I need to replace the headlights on my 07 spec b. I'm wondering if there were any suggestions for something decent that isn't pure china garbage that could be slapped in that might be a more attractive option to the stock lights. 


I also don't like the way the front end of the car looks. It needs something. It is too high off the ground and I think a front lip would give a good aesthetic accent and the illusion of a lower front end. Does anyone have a good reference for one of these? 

I have read some threads about lowering the car as well. I'm wondering again about the best way to do it and people's experience with the handling and ride change 

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I don't know about the headlights. If I don't pick up this JDM front clip I'm looking at, I'm just gonna be retrofitting halos and stuff in my old lights. 

As far as the front lip, I currently have the Bayson-R lip. I put it on unpainted and I think it could use some paint to match with the other black pieces. Pic for reference.


If you've already gone through the threads, then you already know that OEM is most comfortable. Bilstein's with good lowering springs are the best way to lower but maintain good comfort. Coilovers, bags, etc. sacrifice comfort for other aspects of handling. I'm sure others have different/better takes on it though. Personally, i have Bilstein's with JDM pink springs but I'm swapping to coilovers for more low and some better handling adjustability. I picked Fortune Auto 500s with Swift springs and I'll be posting about them once they are installed. 


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"This car blows my deployment money faster than it does head gaskets."
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Custom is pretty much your only option for non stock looking headlights that aren't garbage. 

X2 on bayson r. Google them, buy what you like. 

Lowering has a really wide range of options and targets. Lots of garbage ways to do it and lots of pricier but well reviewed options. 

Check out the exterior and suspension/brake forums below. They'll give you a bunch of ideas and options that hopefully achieve what you want. 

I went kw coilovers and full poly suspension. It's harsh and way less comfortable than stock and tons of other options. But that's what I wanted so I'm cool with it. Your targets and amount of compromise you're okay with will determine what route to take. 

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I got JDM headlights, but honestly, it might be more effort to get working than it's worth. Knowing what I know, I would retrofit a bi-xenon into the stock housings and keep the halogen high beam. 

I like Bilstein B6HD with spec.B springs. A little firm feeling at first, but you can tell the damping rates are really well tuned. Feels great in the corners and totally livable for a daily. 

x3 on BaysonR, lol.

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