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2009 legacy gt limited issues

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So I can’t find any forums for the legacy so this is my only hope, I have a p0011 code which is camshaft position timing over advance and i can’t figure it out. I’ve changed my oil, camshaft position sensors, variable timing solenoids and I even looked at the banjo bolt and took out the filter and it’s still on, my turbo won’t build boost and it takes a second for my car to reach higher rpm… help?

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Welcome to the Forum.

If you have reset the CEL by removing the negative battery cable for 15 minutes, that should clear the code. 

I'm thinking you're going to have to check the turbo for shaft play. You're going to have to remove the downpipe and try and wiggle the turbo shaft. Check it for play up/down, in/out. 


Take a look at the sticky's above, you'll find info there.

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Did you look at FSM test procedure for the CEL code?

Things that come to mind:

- something may be stuck in the AVSC head itself, I think Underdog had pictures of small particle stuck in there that caused timing issues;


- wiring harness/connectors issue?


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Changing parts rather than actually knowing the engine and performing troubleshooting not working for you?


Have you verified your oil pressure?  Have you verified your timing?  Have you verified your AVCS cam sprocket is operating properly?  Have you verified the electrical signal and operation of the oil control valve?  A blocked oil passage, a bad electrical connection/signal/ground, a slipped belt, an inoperable cam sprocket...

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