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So I'm torn...


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I really want to buy another car. This one is a great car, and through no fault of the EJ22 it's starting to show it's age. The engine starts fast and runs strong, as does the transmission, but the chassis and suspension are getting old. I snapped a tie rod and have to wait for a non-rainy day to install the new one. I am looking at several options in the sub-$4 thousand range.


Here are my choices so far....


'97 Legacy Outback for $3K. 100K miles on the odometer and the head gasket eating EJ25D engine. Not sure the condition of the timing belt. Alloys, fogs, hoodscoop, dual air bags, heated seats, aftermarket radio, the whole 9 yards.


'97 Imprezza Outback for $2,500. 100K miles on the odometer and the stout reliable EJ22 engine. Not sure on the condition of timing belt. Body is in rougher shape then the Legacy Outback, and it doesn't have nearly as many features.


(To Be Continued)

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1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee for $1,500. 150K miles on the odometer with the reliable, well balanced 4.0L High Output straight 6. 4WD, good features, leather seats, alloys, the whole 9 yards. Clean exterior, not my favorite color but it's pretty cool. I could jack it up and go back to my 4X4 days if I wanted to, not that I would.... ;)


2000 Nissan Frontier XE-V6 for $4K. 75K miles on the odometer with the 3.3L V6. Decent size bed, 5 speed stick, pathetic rear seats. Looks clean but I don't know if I could live with rear seats that small.


I almost hate myself for considering it, but here goes...


(To be continued)

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1996 Cadillac Seville for $1K. 85K miles on the odometer, 4.6L 300HP V8, front wheel drive. Clean exterior, clean interior, tons and tons and tons of features including leather interior and airbag suspension. There has to be something wrong with it for it to look so clean and be so cheap though. I think I've decided against the grandpa-mobile, but a 300HP V8 Caddy would be kind of sweet....


I need help! I'm leaning towards the Legacy Outback! I know it's the 2.5 with head gasket problems, and the timing belt is of questionable quality, but it's tempting. It's clean, it's cheap, and it won't need any work out of the box like the Imprezza. I told myself I would buy a reliable daily driver that would be fun and interesting for little money. I just want a complete car that I won't have to wrench on anymore. I'm going to keep the 92 Legacy, maybe do something sweet with it, but I think it's time to get another car before this one breaks again.....

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