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2010 Legacy gt ltd,Cover front cushions


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Both the drivers and passenger seat cushions (that part that your butt sits on) have repaired cuts. The seats are power, both sides, leather and the color is listed as "off black". The original part numbers are left 64140aj05avh, right 64140aj04avh. They are super ceded by 64140aj05bvh & 64140aj05bvh. The super cede numbers are for the 2012-2014 legacy. Is the color the same? From the pictures the patterning is different. I can live with the different pattern but a different color would not be good. If any one has any suggestions for an exact replacement then I am all ears. I figured any used ones would probably not be in great condition. Mine have two small cuts. Probably from a parking attendant with a 10 lb ring of keys. I keep my car in pristine condition. Thanks.
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