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Length of LGT wagon exhaust tips

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Does anyone know the exact length of OEM 2005-2009 LGT wagon exhaust tips?


I have a set of sedan ones for my wagon, but before I order a set of wagon ones, I want to make sure they're actually longer.


Also...if anyone has a pair for sale let me know!

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The wagon exhaust tips are longer. I have a Borla exhaust on my wagon and the exhaust tips sit recessed into the bumper while the muffler hangers meet up exactly where they're supposed to (Borla only ever made sedan exhausts). The only difference between the two is the length of the exhaust tips. To get them to fit flush like they do on the sedan, I'd need 2-3 inches of pipe extra.


An OEM sedan exhaust would fit on a wagon and an OEM wagon exhaust would fit on a sedan. For the latter, the tips would poke out a bit.

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So they're a few inches longer then? If so, great.


Second question...in looking at OEM exhaust tips online there are ones for early 2005's and ones for mid-2005 to 2009. Was there that much difference? The part numbers and prices are different...the early '05 tips are about $30 cheaper for the pair, but I don't know that they're any different.


Early 2005: https://www.subaruparts.com/oem-parts/subaru-tailpipe-extension-44371ag200?c=Zz1leGhhdXN0LXN5c3RlbSZzPWV4aGF1c3QtY29tcG9uZW50cyZsPTQxJm49QXNzZW1ibGllcyBQYWdlJmE9c3ViYXJ1Jm89bGVnYWN5Jnk9MjAwNiZ0PWd0JmU9Mi01bC1oNC1nYXM%3D


Mid-2005-2009: https://www.subaruparts.com/oem-parts/subaru-tailpipe-extension-44371ag290?c=Zz1leGhhdXN0LXN5c3RlbSZzPWV4aGF1c3QtY29tcG9uZW50cyZsPTQzJm49QXNzZW1ibGllcyBQYWdlJmE9c3ViYXJ1Jm89bGVnYWN5Jnk9MjAwNiZ0PWd0JmU9Mi01bC1oNC1nYXM%3D

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