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Has anyone deciphered the subaru bearing codes on the bearings themselves?


I am rebuilding an engine that has been ok, just refreshing everything. i have the case#'s, 11211, which i have seemed to find means, std, std, undersized .03, std, std. On the back of the actual bearings themselves there is no code that correlates with a size, or matches the case markings. the service manual also has no indication of a size for a part# just the tolerances. the current bearings are ok, i just wanted to put new ones in since it was apart.


will i have to get a machine shop to measure everything to figure out what i need?

on the subaru parts sites, it seems like you pick up a pack of a certain size, not individuals for the tolerances you need..??


all the spun bearing talk, got me thinking people are just putting the wrong size bearings in.... or just not checking their oil..

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The machine shop should know what bearings you'll need.


Have them order the correct parts.


You need to keep a close eye on oil usage in these engines, check it often and always keep it topped off, a little over full is ok. It will use that oil.

305,000miles 5/2012 ej257 short block, 8/2011 installed VF52 turbo, @20.8psi, 280whp, 300ftlbs. CHECK your oil, these cars use it.


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