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Issues with driver's folding mirror and side window

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My GF has two electrical issues with her 2010 (5th gen) Subaru Legacy station wagon.




Shortly after she bought it she curiously pressed the folding mirror button on the dashboard. The driver's side rear mirror did not fold into position, instead it has ever since (literally all the time when the car is on stand-by) kept this annoying buzzing noise, as if some sort of cog was moving. This noise will not stop unless the car is completely turned off. At the beginning the noise was louder, nowadays it's a lot less audible but it's still there. Since this has been going on for almost two years now, I assume there has been so much excessive wear and tear on the mechanism that whatever cogs are making the noise have been worn, thus it's more silent now.


I don't know if it's supposed to, but nonetheless, locking the car does not fold the mirrors. However, the passenger's side mirror works as expected when the dashboard button is pressed. Driver's mirror sometimes folds or unfolds but more often than not it doesn't do anything.


I assume that the mirror unit simply doesn't know when it is completely folded or opened into the correct position, and the motor tries to either open or fold it further. We also assume the seller managed to find a way to "reset" the mirror, since it did not make any noise prior to pressing the folding button on the dash. We've both been very violent towards the mirror but haven't managed to "click" it by force. I'm not familiar with the folding mechanism, but I hope that there would be a way to either



a) replace the sensor (or other mechanism) that determines when the mirror is in correct position,


b) reset the mirror unit so it no longer tries to fold it (careful to never press the folding button again),


c) unplug the controller wire from the mirror or


d) remove the folding motor completely.



She is fine with any of those since the function is not really needed (especially as it apparently needs manual operation anyway). Can you help me with this?




A more recent issue is that the driver's side window sometimes gets stuck when it's lowered. This happens seldomly. So far it has always started working again, it just takes time. Today she repeatedly pressed the raise button for 5 minutes until it magically started working.


Every time the raise button is pressed the window would raise only slightly, about 5 mm, and then immediately drop back down. After numerous attempts the window would eventually start working and raises properly all the way up.


Is it possible to fix this?

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This is pretty known issue with folding mirrors. The problem is in folding motor body which consists of 2 pieces with plastix fix points which are broken with time. The fix is easy: disassemble the mirror, get to the motor body pieces and fix it together with a couple of zip ties.





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