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CVT and lights issue

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Dear All,


Help really needed as I'm close to imploding. V. brief story so far - 2012 2.0 DIT Wagon with 99k on the clock and CVT 'box - jerky gearchange at lower speeds. Gearbox oil change, no improvement but after long journey dash lights up with multiple warnings including flashing gearbox oil temp. 2nd 'box oil change plus internal filter and, because excessive wear on part, (piston complete clutch transfer bearing) replaced. Long drive, smooth 'box, all seems good. Day later, brief drive - all warning lights on but otherwise drives fine. Options? Work so far done by non-Subaru but trusted garage. Considering swallowing dealer charges in hope that they can diagnose - any and all advice welcome.

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The CVT is a special kind of headache I only trust the dealer to handle, because I don't want to have to come out of pocket to replace it. I just had the CVT and diffs on my wife's ascent serviced to the tune of $750 so I know the pain of paying the dealer. Good luck.
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First check with Subaru if your car is covered under a CVT warranty extension, which a lot of them would be if under 10 years old, you don't want to pay money if it's covered, example:



Thanks, I've checked but it looks like that deal was only for Subaru US. Booked it in next week in the hope that there diagnostic equipment can isolate the problem.

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