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Intake Manifold exhaust replacement

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Can someone point me in the right direction here. I want to replace my whole exhaust system all the way from the top which it has the catalytic converter. I believe the converter is bad even though i don't have a check engine light. The smog smell really bad, and very toxic i mean i know they are but compared to other cars mine is too much. I have seen lots of aftermarket parts and would like to know if you guys used them and which one has good fitments. I read some of them don't fit correctly. I don't what to go OEM because it's about $1500 plus tax just for the catalytic converter. In addition im sure most of my heat shields are loud i know this cars are known for that. I have tight them down but i can still hear rattling noises. Any help will be appreciated


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What engine do you have? Could your catalytic converter still be under the emission warranty. Usually if it isn't working it should set a code. I know my Legacy smells a little like a unburnt fuel while it warms up and catalyst gets up to temperature. Any chance that a prior owner modified your tune and disable O2 sensor codes?
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