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Swapping my 2.5 premium

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I was wondering what do I need to get to swap my 2.5i premium into essentially a gt. I know I would obviously need the engine and the trans but what are other misc things that I need that are essential. Any information would help thanks.
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I haven't done one, but I would imagine you would need the hood, engine wiring harness, main wiring wiring harness, at least some of the under wiring, ECM, fuel pump assembly and at least some of the lines. The GT also has upgrade brakes though not required for a swap.


If you have a CVT, the dash cluster, shifter assembly and trim, clutch pedal assembly.


You really need a parts car to complete the swap. It probably easier to buy a GT and sell your 2.5i. If you are in MA or in the area, I am in the middle of fixing 2010 GT with a burnt valve. Contact me if you want a project or look complete car to swap.

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