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[TN] Prodrive GC-010E, Epic Springs, Axleback, STi Strut Bar

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Next iteration of trying to manage my parts stash...



Manzo (eBay) axle back ($100 + shipping)

I needed the mid-pipe for a different axleback and this was the easiest way to do it. These are the mufflers from an Manzo catback off eBay. Never installed or even unwrapped.





******* SOLD *********

******* SOLD *********

******* SOLD *********

******* SOLD *********



Prodrive (made by Rays Eng) GC-010E 18x7.5 ($900 + shipping SOLD)

Includes Continental tires 225/40R18 with 7/32" tread on them.

Excellent shape, minimal rash, have all four center caps

I believe they are a little less than 18lb per wheel.







Fujitsubo Prova Mufflers ($425 + shipping) SOLD

Excellent condition, no rust, oval tips.

A little louder and deeper than stock, but not too much.









Legacy STi Front Strut Brace ($125 + shipping SOLD)

Nice STi front strut brace, some paint worn off, does it's job well. Just won't fit with the Grimmspeed TMIC.




Epic Engineering Legacy Springs ($250 + shipping SOLD)

Unknown miles + 5k from me.





STi 08-14 wheel (same as 08-09 Legacy GT) ($220 + shipping) SOLD

Amazing shape, I haven't found any wear on it yet.

First one I've ever seen with black blanks.








Swift Legacy GT Wagon Springs ($225 + shipping) SOLD

~7k miles, can be paired with Konis or a higher dampening strut like Bilstein HD


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How much for the strut bar? Loving the wheels, wish you were closer :(


Dang, forgot to price that.

It's $125 + shipping.


Shipping for the wheels would be approx $200 I think, based on previous quotes.

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For the mufflers, are they stock diameter or do they require and aftermarket midpipe?


Stock Y pipe at the mufflers is 1.875", these are 2.25".

The flange bolt holes on these mufflers are at 3.25", which I'm pretty sure can bolt up to the stock y-pipe.

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Does that Steering Wheel fit an 05 LGT?


It can, I would but I have already have an 08-09 wheel on my '05; you would need a 08-09 airbag cover (I have one minus the airbag itself, you can move your airbag over to it.)


You would either need to use the '05 backing plate so that you have the hole for your cruise; or get the cruise controls that are up on the wheel that replace the right hand blank.

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Hahaha, I have an on-ramp for I-40 two min from my house with a k-rail lining it.

Each morning on my way to work I would roll down the windows and wind her up on that ramp and giggle when the exhaust would rebound off that concrete; it was heavenly.


(And I need to stop talking about it or I'll try to figure out a way to keep them :lol:)

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So what does JDM bumper fitment mean for a usdm wagon? Tips going to stick out too much?


It's the other way, they'll tuck a little bit because the USDM wagon bumper is deeper.


JDM wagon is about USDM Sedan, USDM wagon is 2-3"? inches deeper.






You can see how they sit on the JDM bumper, they stick out a couple inches.

On the USDM wagon, I think they would tuck by an inch or two.

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