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target boost issues

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Not hitting target boost after pro tune and install. Vf52 installed with a fueling system and a few other mods. Install and tune done by Surgeline. Car made 300 whp at 19psi. This was just a few weeks ago. I haven't been able to come close to this since. Highest boost psi I've seen is 16.8. That would be great if I were in S mode. S# is 19 psi. S is 16.5 and i is 9 psi. Not sure what the deal is. I live on the Coast, car was tuned 65 miles inland. Would this have any affect? Kinda puzzled.


Mods: vf52, Perrin turbo inlet, Nameless T.B.E., Grimmspeed uppipe, Tial 44mm wastegate, Synapse diverter valve, Grimmspeed EBCS, Cobb 1050x injectors, DW65c fuel pump, Grimmspeed TMIC. SPT intake, I think that's it for power mods. I always forget something.


Anyways, no boost leaks I can tell. Car feels great, super quick and very torquey. It's a fun car, just not hitting target boost. Any thought, much appreciated.

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Thank you everyone for the responses. I will take some logs and get them over to Chris. I always hate bothering him, I know he's crazy busy all the time. Thought I would reach out on here first. Thanks for the help.
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