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need to roll up front passenger window using only the harness

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this is a how to for those who need to do this. this thread originated as a plea for help but now instead offers it; note some of this will seem to be asking for help but by the end is actually giving it.


i know a picture is a thousand words, with the door panel taken off, there is a black connector and a white connector for the door lock and window, resp.; the white has 5 wires. for reference, the black wire on the black connector is ground, and all pins except two on the white connector can be traced to a separate pin on the main 25-pin front door connector. I have tried to put a 12v on each of the pins, but they do not operate the window


Using only a 12v battery as a power source, does anyone know how to roll the window up please :lol::lol::lol:


short pins 2 and 5; short pins 3 and 4; then apply 12v voltage on the pair of connections, and i find there is no polarity.


omg thanks

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i fathom it works for other subarus, but tested here is 2008 legacy
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