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07 spec b grille vs lgt grille?

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So posting here on behalf of helping my son out...


Last fall he picked up an 07 spec b, which the previous owner did an 07 front 3nd swap on it. It came with the stock 07 bumper and fenders (although rolled and pulled... complete with cracked paint and a pound of bacon)


Son has been wanting to put the stock front end back on, but never had an 07 grille. He ended up getting an AVO mesh style... but as far as we can tell... there must be a difference in the lgt vs spec b bumper. It "kind of" fit... but not really. A huge gap at the bottom, as well as the mounting tabs up top were somewhat off. Reviews on the grille were great.. and for what he paid for it, I assumed the fitment would be on point.


So help me out guys and gals... where can he find some sort of grille... stock or aftermarket, that would work on his car.

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I believe the 05-06 had a different grill opening then the 07-09's.


Here's my 05 blk, 09 silver.





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As Byron said, 05-07 are different than 08-09. The Spec B and Legacy were otherwise identical apart from the differentials/4Wd system and 6-speed transmission. If it’s a 5-speed Spec B then it’s basically just different suspension.
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Yea, his 07 is a 6 speed, si drive, blue Alcantara, etc. And we know that the 07 is different grille opening / headlights / fenders / bumpers than the 08.


All of the 08 stuff is removed. It's back to the original parts from when the 07 was new, except no grille.


After doing some digging online... he bought it from an AVO reseller with no fitment specs... but on the AVO website itself, it specifically states that it will not fit a spec b. Somewhere I could have sworn I read that the spec b bumper cover itself is different than a regular gt cover.


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