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Cam Sprocket spins on camshaft

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I am doing a head gasket job on my 07 Legacy GT and my drivers side intake cam sprocket just spins on the camshaft. I have read about its supposed to sit on the pin and how it can "sorta" catch the wrong holes. And how the exhaust cam seals can cause it to not sit right either. But this just spins with maxed out depth.

Here is a link to a person with a similar problem but I tried their solution an found it does not apply here. https://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2593218 But perhaps it will give an idea of what I have already tries or a better explanation.

I have a picture of the cam bottomed out and it is hard to tell but I moved the camshaft with out the cam phaser or gear moving at all.


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UPDATE I have figured out the cam sprocket fits and locks on the OTHER cam shaft. I guess somewhere between me and the machine shop they got moved. SIGH. Now to make sure the exhaust cams are in the right spot.
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