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Could be something, could be nothing. Fuel trims look good, IAM pull obviously not great. How's the car otherwise? Any new noises, oil burn etc? I used to get random knock events from a chattering puck clutch, trans dipstick rattling on TMIC, etc
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I've added a quick little log. Didn't go 100% throttle with this one, last one the car was pulling up to 8 degrees of FBKC so I was a little hesitant, but I didn't capture WGDC with that one.


Anyway, maybe this is of use. Thoughts? Lots of FBKC still. 240,000km on the car, very little oil burn, never has been a problem with this engine.


Bit of a rough-ish idle. Looking at the roughness monitor for cylinders 1-4, it never increments, always sits at zero. Either it's broken, or there's no misfire at all :D


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