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issue with torque converter and bad dealer.

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I have a 2011 Subaru legacy that I bought in January 2021. it had 64k miles on it and everything seemed fine. as it was still under the 10y 100k mile warranty I brought it into Thelen Subaru in bay city MI after purchasing it to have a full inspection done as I was worried about the torque converter issue plus it's a good idea to know of any issues I need to fix. well, today I took my car to the muffler man in midland MI to inspect a possible o2 sensor issue, while there he hooked up his scanner and found 254 instances of a transmission abnormality code that has been there for a long time with a few other codes. I contact Thelen to set up an appointment for a diagnosis but after taking my name and issue they transfer me to tech service where it goes directly to voice mail, I left a message twice only to not hear from them. I got fed up and drove 60 miles to them. while there I find out they never did a full inspection they only did a visual inspection without telling me. if they would have they would have found the error code and I could have had it done under warranty. now they are telling me I will have to pay for the full job if it is my torque converter. I am 3 months outside the warranty because they did not do their job. now I am possibly stuck with a huge bill after buying the car.


when I first bought it, it had a slight tin rattle sound every once and while when taking off I figured it was a heat shield. now, 20%-30% of the time it rattles the car vibrates when taking off from a stop at a slow speed and when stopping the car stutters every once and a while.


I don't know what to do or who to contact to get this resolved.

this ain't right they know of this issue and how dangerous it is yet they wont do a recall.

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Can you prove the codes have been there since before you bought the car ?


If so call Subaru of America.

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