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'15+ WRX 6MT Info?


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Ive read through a fair portion of the 6MT master swap thread and tried searching but just haven't seen anyone talking about the 6MT from the '15+ WRX. Not the STI version, the regular WRX version.


Is that trans a worthy swap into something like a 4th gen 5MT? I'm assuming it must be stronger than the 5MT since the newer WRXs make more power. What kind of clutch does it use (push or pull?) Any other considerations for a swap into a 4th gen?


If this has been covered already, I'm happy to follow (a) link(s) and read up on it. I apologize if this is redundant, I just couldn't find the info in the 6MT sticky or by searching.

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^^ I believe it is. I had one come through for a clutch a while back, bolt pattern looks very similar so would be surprised if it's slightly different. The trans looked, externally, very similar to a push style 5MT. I think having to deal with the conversion from direct linkage to cable shift in our cars would be more trouble than it's worth, since you'll still end up with a split case trans and all the limitations that presents.


Back end of an EJ257 and an FA20DIT for comparison:



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Yeah you're right. Same bolt pattern. Found some how tos about swapping STI 6 speeds into FA WRXs.


Seems like you could do it from the link.




If it's doable it could be a fun upgrade over a 5 speed. Need to figure out final drives and driveshaft length I guess.

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Sounds like the shift linkage would be the main problem. Seems like going from cable to direct linkage would be easier than the other way around, provided the shifter location is at least close.


I was thinking that it might be a cheaper alternative and the trans should be more readily available than the STi and especially the Spec B versions. For a mildly modified legacy that isn't tracked it should be strong enough, but maybe the shifter presents enough complications to make it not worth it.


Thanks for the info. I'm not the type to pioneer something like this so guess I'll write it off for now and see if there's any more info when my 5MT fails.

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I had a 6 speed 2019 WRX transmission installed on my 06 Legacy GT and it works just fine :) .


Minor modifications needed to be done:

- Shifter assembly required some new holes drilled (see attached pictures)

- The downpipe bracket will not attach on the transmission anymore

- Ideally, have your car retuned to manage the 6th speed



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