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Help me identify these 5EAT signals


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I'm mapping CANBUS signals on a 2008 USDM Outback 3.0R/5EAT with VDC.

These signals are coming from the TCM on the CANBUS network (Viewed with savvycan)


What are they - what do they mean, and why would they need to be broadcast to other modules on the CANBUS network?


0x420 Byte 3 - I think this is some sort of turbine speed? It has what looks like an RPM signal in 1st gear or when stopped. Once up out of first and moving faster it just goes to a steady signal with some weird static?


0x420 Byte 6 - Resolved - Most likely turbine slip.


0x421 Byte 0 - Is this the DC Solenoid Valve Pressure? What's the Direct Clutch solenoid? It has a weak or variable signal in 1st and reverse, a very strong signal in 2nd and 4th, and a moderate signal in 3rd and 5th.


0x421 Byte 1 - Resolved - Most likely Engine Torque Reduction Request Signal


Thanks in advance!





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