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EJ257 short block, 60k miles

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Hey all,


This is YNANSB, but a bit cheaper for someone who is willing to do a little bit of extra work.


Long story short, motor is out of an 09 STI that was brought to me following a timing pulley bolt snapping and bending some valves. Pistons are OK as the failure happened at low speed pulling into a parking lot, just some light dings in the valve clearance recesses. Bores have some wear, but crosshatching is generally OK, and no asperities that can be felt with a fingernail or plastic stylus. The car had been with me a month prior for a health check and fueling upgrades. Compression tested 135 psi cold in cylinders 1 through 3, 130 in cylinder 4. Leakdown was 4-5% in cylinders 1-3, and 8% in cylinder 4.


When I pulled the heads off, it was clear that they'd been off the motor before and it had been put back together hastily. Moreover, the previous owner of the car dinged up the block mating surfaces a bit, and copper sprayed the head gaskets when putting it back together. The headgaskets didn't leak, but the dings are there and pictured.


The above made this a 'might as well upgrade and reduce risk' scenario for the owner, rather than just reassemble w/ reworked heads.


Asking $750 OBO for a reasonably fresh shortblock with plenty of life in it. The thought is, it's a good deal for someone willing to split the block and have it decked, then re-assemble as-is (or replace #4 if it looks like a ringland is cracked and that's why it's a little lower compression/leakdown than the others).


Prefer local pickup in the Detroit area and have it listed locally as well, but figured I'd post it up for LGT folks as well. I can ship freight for whatever the cost is if needed.

















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