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Subaru legacy 2016 3.6r


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Just got on this forum but showing off to the community since more people mod on the Sti or wrx.


Iridium Spark Plugs

Ksport Street Coilovers (Waiting to settle to change ride height to be slightly higher)

Muffler Delete (Stock Y Pipe going to convert to X Pipes to see difference)

Burn Tips but pushed out flushed with the bumper (Anything further if get hit from rear, exhaust will be shifted)

20mm Rear Sway Bar

New OEM VVT solenoid for Intake and Exhaust

Low Temp Thermostat

Painted Grille

Weather Tech Wind Visors

Cameleon Tints on Low beam, Fog Lights, and turn lights on the side mirrors

Black tinted Reverse lights

Gloss Subaru Stars and Matte background for front and rear emblems



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