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Glass defects and replacement options

Michael Hryniuk

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Just purchased a 2020 Legacy in March here in Toronto. Love the car (mostly) but got a rock chip on the lower left windscreen a couple of weeks ago that quickly turned into a 20 cm crack. The rock was not large and the chip was modest. I could hardly believe that it caused such a large crack so quickly. I had suspicions.


Doing some research, I discovered that there have been major problems with weak OEM acoustic glass and a class action lawsuit has been launched in the United States. My windscreen is manufactured by Carlex. I'm wondering if anyone else has run into issues with their late model Subaru autoglass and whether they can recommend a better replacement brand. I'm in for a 500.00 deductible and don't want this happening again if I can avoid it.

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I hate to be that guy, but, our 2018 Outback got a chip in the center of the windshield about 8" up from the bottom, month's after we picked it up Sept 2017. That chip is still there and hasn't changed. Car has 16,600 miles on it.


But yes there have been a number of people with the same issue as you with newer Subaru's.

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I haven't had any problem with my windscreen/windshield. Because some people had to replace their glass which is not the same as everyone had to replace their glass. I read plenty anecdotal statements from Subaru, Honda, Toyota, etc. forums about windshield breakage when hit by a projectile but no hard facts it there are glass manufacturer defects but just a lot of loose debris from massive road improvement/ construction.


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For what it's worth,

I'm on windshield number 3 on my 2007 specB. First one was the one that came from the factory, second one was an OEM one ($$$) and the third is an aftermarket Fuyao. My dad has a 2019 Forester Premier (top trim in Canadia), he got a chip right below the rear view mirror, I'd say, 6 months after he got the car. I'm curious to see what will happen in Canada.

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