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[TN] Steering wheel, injectors, coils

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Clearing out spare parts...


Legacy 08-09 Steering Wheel - $150 + shipping

New leather wrap with blue stitching, thicker than stock now.

I bought it like this, had it for a couple weeks, then stumbled on a killer deal on a DAMD wheel.

This will work on 05-07, but you need the 08-09 airbag cover and either audio controls or blanks.




Stock 2005 yellow top injectors - $50 + shipping

89k miles on them, ran perfectly fine when pulled for 740s




Stock 05 Coils Used - $50 + shipping

89k miles from 05 Outback, ran perfectly when replaced.

Light rust on one of them.








******** SOLD **********


Stock 2005 Yellow top injectors - $100 + shipping SOLD

Still sealed from testing at DW, comes with spec sheet from test.




Brand New COSMO Racing Coils unopened - $100 + shippingSOLD

Decided to go with stock Diamonds instead


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